Michelle MacDonald, MNGOP-backed judge candidate, waved Bible during speech [VIDEO]

Get a load of the expressions on the faces of the Republicans around MacDonald during her speech!

Get a load of the expressions on the faces of the Republicans around MacDonald during her speech!

Last Friday, we told you the bizarre story of Michelle MacDonald, a Twin Cities family law attorney who recently won the MNGOP's endorsement for a Minnesota Supreme Court seat despite facing a criminal trial this fall stemming from an April 5, 2013 DUI arrest.

Turns out there's more bizarreness where that came from. Yesterday, an Uptake staffer got in touch with us to let us know they uploaded video of the speech MacDonald gave to the MNGOP convention in Rochester just before delegates awarded her with the endorsement. During it, she basically promises her Republican audience that if elected, she'll make judicial decisions based on Biblical principles, which certainly seems like an odd thing for an aspiring judge to say in a country that supposedly keeps religion out of the courts.

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Here's part of what MacDonald said during her speech:

When judges used to enter the courtroom, they would hold a Bible over their head, like this.

[MacDonald holds a Bible over her head to applause.]

In the words of George Washington, it is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible.

Here's the footage:

And Michele Bachmann is worried about liberals wanting to install Sharia law here in America?

But there's more. A Star Tribune blog post written by Michael Brodkorb details another can't-make-it-up revelation about MacDonald that came to light during an MNGOP Judicial Elections Committee meeting held on May 30, the day before she was officially endorsed.

From Brodkorb's post:

[Documents presented to the committee] contained information about a bizarre incident in 2013 where MacDonald, who was representing a client in court, was removed from the courtroom by deputies and placed in a cell.

According to the documents, MacDonald was handcuffed, placed in wheel chair and wheeled back into the courtroom by a deputy. The hearing resumed and MacDonald continued to represent her client, but she was in a wheel chair and handcuffed. MacDonald was jailed for multiple days, but was eventually released without being charged.

According to Brodkorb, the chair of the Judicial Elections Committee, Doug Seaton, had serious concerns about MacDonald. He worried aloud during the aforementioned meeting that "we're going to have a situation where the party's endorsement process is going to be held up to ridicule and [gesturing to MacDonald] you're going to be held up to ridicule and attacked in a campaign as not having judicial [comportment] and not being neutral and being a little bit of a wild woman - whatever, however, people would style this."

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Nonetheless, the committee recommended her endorsement, and MNGOP delegates gave near-unanimous approval to that recommendation the next day immediately following her Bible-waving speech.

In related news, Brodkorb told us last week that he thinks "the way this endorsement was handled will probably stop the [MNGOP's] judicial endorsements going forward, or at least forever alter the way endorsements are handled."

"This candidate clearly wasn't vetted, and had this information been presented to delegates [at the convention] I question whether she would've been endorsed," he continued. "This was a really quick [endorsement] process."

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