Michele Bachmann's wish granted: House votes to repeal health care reform

"It's not symbolic," Rep. Michele Bachmann said yesterday, before the U.S. House symbolically passed a bill 245-189 that would repeal the healthcare reform act.

She and other Minnesota Republicans voted for the repeal, while Democrats opposed it.

The legislation will be dead on arrival in the Senate. Barack Obama will veto it should it ever reach his desk. Most Americans appear to be souring on the idea of repeal, as well.


The law Bachmann hates so much that she authored the very first attempt to repeal it delivers 40 million Americans into the willing clutches of private health insurance companies. It bans those companies from refusing coverage to patients with preexisting conditions. It lets parents keep their sons and daughters covered until they're 26 years old.

This makes it "the crown jewel of socialism," Bachmann insisted from the House floor. And if the Senate and White House don't give her the repeal she wants, she's going to take them out.

That week and a half of civility in the wake of the Tucson shootings is evidently over.