Michele Bachmann's "wean 'em off Social Security" speech prompts radio ad


Rep. Michele Bachmann touched the fabled third rail of American politics recently when she talked about weaning people off Social Security, and possibly privatizing the financially-troubled system.

Now, a Washington, D.C. activist group called Americans United for Change is using her words against her, via radio ads on WWJO-FM, KZPK-FM, WJON-AM that started running in her district today.

Here's the script:

Wife: Did you hear what that Michele Bachmann said this time?

Husband: No, what was it?

Wife: Congresswoman Bachmann actually said we should be "weaned" off of Social Security and Medicare. She wants to privatize Social Security and replace Medicare with some kind of voucher system that won't even cover the full cost of medical care or prescriptions.

Husband: So let me get this straight. Congresswoman Bachmann wants me to gamble with my Social Security on Wall Street?

Wife: Yup, she wants us to hand over our Social Security to the same greedy, reckless CEOs responsible for crashing our economy. That's just plain crazy.

Husband: No thanks. Privatization was a bad idea when President Bush tried it -- and it's even worse today.

Wife: And Congresswoman Bachmann actually wants me to trade in my Medicare for some voucher that's not worth the paper it's printed on. She should spend less time on national TV and more time worrying about Senior citizens back home in Minnesota.

Husband: Let's call Congresswoman Bachmann right now at 320-253-5931 and tell her, "Hands off my Social Security and Medicare."

Announcer: Paid for by Americans United for Change

The group said in a statement that it is targeting Bachmann because she's among a handful of congressional Republicans to support Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan's proposal to privatize Social Security, and replace Medicare with a voucher system.

Franni Franken, Sen. Al Franken's wife, used the Social Security controversy in a recent fundraising e-mail for DFLer Tarryl Clark, who is running against Bachmann in November:

When I was a baby my father, a World War II veteran, died in a car accident. In one tragic day, my mother found herself raising me and my four brothers and sisters on her own. We made it because of Social Security survivor benefits. The idea that a member of Congress would advocate pulling the safety net out from under seniors and families who depend on it every month is absolutely terrifying to me.

So like I said, I'm doing everything I can to help Tarryl's campaign, and today I'm asking you to do the same. Last week Tarryl's campaign launched a new grassroots fundraising effort called a 'moneybomb,' and it's a brilliant idea. Team Clark is collecting pledges from now until March 25th to show Bachmann that bringing right-wingers like Sarah Palin to Minnesota to raise big money will only rally more support to Tarryl's side.