Michele Bachmann's senior legislative assistant allegedly stole cash from Bachmann's office

Michele Bachmann's senior legislative assistant allegedly stole cash from Bachmann's office

This morning, more details have emerged about the theft allegations facing Michele Bachmann's senior legislative assistant, and suffice it to say he wasn't stealing from Democrats.

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Javier Sanchez, 37, was allegedly caught on a surveillance camera heisting two envelopes of cash totaling $200 from Bachmann's office.

He initially denied the allegations and told investigators, "I may have taken a quarter once in a while, but I would pay it back," but stopped talking and asked for a lawyer after he was shown images from the incriminating footage.

An NBC report provides some context:

An affidavit states there were two thefts reported between February 2013 and March 15, 2013 from Rep. Bachmann's congressional office, Room 2417.

Capitol Police placed a hidden camera in Room 2417 April 4 and placed two envelopes, one with $80 marked "Petty Cash" on one desk, and another marked "Birthday Money" with $120 on another desk. The money from both envelopes was reported missing June 25.

Surveillance video captured a man entering the office just after 6:30 p.m. June 14. The video shows the man opening the chief of staff's drawer, removing an envelope, counting money and taking the cash and envelope with him, the charging documents state.

Another Bachmann staffer identified Sanchez as the thief shown in the footage, and he was arrested. He began working for Bachmann earlier this year and was paid $10,166 for his work during the first three months of 2013, the the St. Cloud Times reports.

According to Fox News, Sanchez was one of Bachmann's top aides and was often seen by her side at the Capitol, including a number of times in the days just before his arrest, but those halcyon days came to an end the day after he was charged. (To see an AP photo of Bachmann and Sanchez, click here.)

Yesterday, Bachmann's office released this statement: "As of 7/12/2013, the person in question is no longer with the office. Any further questions should be directed to Capitol Police."

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