Michele Bachmann's reelection: She's as resilient as a cockroach during a carpet bombing [UPDATE]

She's like the crazy relative you just seem to be stuck with.
She's like the crazy relative you just seem to be stuck with.

As The Onion's Mike Drucker puts it, 'Oh, fuck, we forgot about Bachmann. I knew there'd be a horror movie hand coming out of the ground to end this election.'

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Our feelings about Michele's likely reelection are more mixed -- as we wrote a couple weeks ago, "Watching her uniquely entertaining brand of crazy ride off into the sunset would be bittersweet for those of us who enjoy the spectacle" -- but Drucker's point remains: In an election night dominated by Dems here in Minnesota, Bachmann remains as resilient as a cockroach during a carpet bombing.

From MPR:

Graves was trailing Bachmann by about 3,900 votes with 99 percent of precincts reporting on Wednesday morning. The Associated Press called the race for Bachmann just before 4 a.m...

If there is a recount, Graves would likely have to pay for it. State law allows for an automatic recount only when the difference in the two candidates makes up less than one half of 1 percent of the total votes cast. The difference in the Graves-Bachmann race is about 1 percent of the 356,000 votes cast...

Graves has several weeks to decide whether to go ahead with a recount. The state Canvassing Board won't meet to certify the results of the general election until Nov. 27. The vote totals in the race don't become official until then.

Graves, who has a net worth north of $22 million and south of $105 million, hinted early this morning that he's leaning toward shelling out some of that dough to have the 6th Congressional District ballots recounted:

Meanwhile, Bachmann sounds like she's already making plans to be a pain in President Obama's ass for a couple more years:

For better or worse, you get what you pay for, 6th District voters.

:::: UPDATE :::::

Poor Big Spendin' Jim Graves (at least, that's what Bachmann was fond of calling him).

The St. Cloud Times' Mark Sommerhauser reports that Graves conceded early this morning.

With all the votes tallied, Bachmann edged Graves by about 4,200 votes, or 50.5 percent to 49.3 percent. Sommerhauser reports that Graves has decided not to pursue a recount, so it's official -- Michele will remain in our lives for at least another couple years.

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