Michele Bachmann's opponents launch dueling maps of her out-of-state adventures


Rep. Michele Bachmann is a huge draw for Republicans and teabaggers, criss-crossing the country of late to hold forth on the evil socialism of President Barack Obama while helping candidates and her party raise campaign cash.

What she's doing -- helping allies while making deposits in the favor bank -- is pretty common practice, of course, although in her star power has raised some eyebrows among her constituents. It has also become a campaign issue for the two Democrats who want to unseat her, Tarryl Clark and Maureen Reed. Both campaigns have launched interactive maps to make their point. Reed's went up last night and she tweeted about it today. It looks like Clark's went up a short time later -- prompting Reed's campaign manager, Jason Isaacson, to complain to the Strib that Clark was a copycat.

Reed's Where's Michele Bachmann? is a stand-alone Web site with a custom-built interactive graphic. Roll over an icon and you get the destination, the date, a summary of the visit and pithy quote. Tarryl Clark's Where in the world is Michele Bachmann? is a Google map mash-up on her campaign Web site with more or less the same kind of interactivity.