Michele Bachmann's New Hampshire staffer exodus gets the Funny or Die treatment [VIDEO]

Michele and Marcus Bachmann have a few things to say about those quitters.
Michele and Marcus Bachmann have a few things to say about those quitters.

Michele Bachmann is not the slightest bit worried that her entire New Hampshire campaign staff quit, and then wrote a letter lambasting her senior campaign managers.

Instead, Michele and her husband Marcus are vengeful, and hell-bent on sullying those staffers' names, one by one, whatever it takes.

Okay, so this is actually the Funny or Die version of Michele and Marcus. And, even though the CNN logo at the bottom is very convincing, we've yet to see a clip where Michele is quite so delusional and optimistic, and there probably isn't footage where the real Marcus Bachmann is this... flamboyant.

Still there's a certain honest ring of bizarrely patriotic spin-ism in the answer this "Michele Bachmann" gives to the anchor's first question about her New Hampshire staff quitting.

"Well,"Bachmann says, "I don't like to think of it as 'quitting.' I like to think of it as 'volunteering not to work.' And I think we can all agree that volunteerism is deeply American, and I'm just proud to be a part of that."

Confronted with criticism from those ex-staffers, the Bachmanns have a few pointed allegations of their own to make.

The pictures and names they're referencing don't match up with the actual staffers who left the Bachmann for President campaign. Given that they're left out of this "news" piece, and the real joke is on the Bachmanns, it's a reasonable guess that no one is laughing harder at this video than the staffers who quit.

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