Michele Bachmann's money-grubbing birthday


You know that annoying friend of yours who is really into her birthday?

She walks around all day in a tiara and demands everybody pay extra attention to her, because its her day?

Michele Bachmann is that annoying friend.

April 6 was the Crazy Congresswoman's 54th birthday, and she celebrated with a naked cash-grab:

Take this opportunity to show your appreciation for her tireless work advancing your freedoms and fighting back against liberal, big government intrusion into your life.

Click here to fill Michele Bachmann's birthday card with a generous donation!

Congresswoman Bachmann is fighting to stop flagrant government overreach into the economy: the car industry, the banking industry and now health care.  Their blind ideological pursuit, impervious to the will of the American people, MUST STOP!  More government, more costs, more with less freedom, less jobs and less prosperity is NOT the path our great country should take.  Sign the card and donate below to help Michele rein it in and turn us around!

You've seen her hold liberals to the fire time and time again.  Help her light a birthday cake this year with candles so hot that Democrats in Washington can't avoid the heat.  They're already trying to extinguish the opposition.  Nancy Pelosi has made Michele one of her top targets and is already mounting an attack campaign against Michele with a six figure ad buy.  Pelosi clearly can't take the heat, so together let's kick her out of the kitchen!  With your help, we can build a constitutional conservative majority in the House this November.

Click here to fill Michele Bachmann's birthday card with a generous donation!

Wish Michele Bachmann a happy birthday below.  She has spent so many of her years fighting for you and your most cherished freedoms.  Tell her thanks now by donating to her reelection campaign and ensuring that Pelosi and liberal interest groups cannot silence or defeat her.  She needs your generous support to keep fighting for you.  Please sign the card and donate below to ensure we are all celebrating in November!

Michele Bachmann is fighting for your birthday cash. She says crazy stuff on television 364 days a year, and this is our day to give back. Let's turn her cake into a birthday pyre on which to roast the dreams of the Democrat party! BOLDED FIGHTING WORDS! Nothing would make Nancy Pelosi madder than for Michele Bachmann to have a happy birthday.

Click here to fill Michele Bachmann's birthday card with a generous donation!

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