Michele Bachmann's missed House votes: Was she on TV instead?


Where's Michele Bachmann? Last week we told you how the two Democrats competing to run against her in November have produced competing interactive maps that trace the 6th District congresswoman's travels around the country as she rallies teabaggers and helps fellow GOPers build their campaign coffers. Today, Andy Birkey at Minnesota Independent adds another dimension to Bachmann's fondness for the spotlight:

An analysis by the Minnesota Independent shows that Bachmann has missed more votes than any member of Minnesota's congressional delegation in the 111th Congress -- even after subtracting votes missed when Bachmann left to spend time with an ill family member. Twenty of the 47 remaining votes Bachmann missed occurred on days when the Sixth District Republican had media appearances scheduled. But while these media moments loosely coincide with her missed votes, it's unclear whether her absences are directly linked to her ambitious travel schedule. Bachmann's office hasn't respond to the Minnesota Independent's request to clarify this point.