Michele Bachmann's letter to Barack Obama


Crazy Michele Bachmann sent a letter to President Barack Obama (i.e. posted it on her website) expressing disappointment that he didn't drop everything to go over the one issue that is of more importance than Iraq, Afghanistan, Healthcare, and the recession combined: whether or not ACORN is helping outrageously dressed pimps cheat on their taxes.

"With all due respect, Mr. President, I know that you are exceedingly busy and have any number of issues competing for your time and attention, and I know that in the scheme of trillion-dollar-bills and record high deficits and debts even $10 billion may not seem like much; but every dollar the taxpayers send to Washington deserves our full care and attention," Bachmann writes on her website, clearly biting her lip with that whole "all due respect" business. "The American people view ACORN's pattern of criminal activities as a serious issue and you must hold this organization accountable for its actions."

The incredibly patronizing rebuke comes in response to Obama's statement that ACORN "was not on his radar screen." And why should it be? It's an entirely silly, drummed up controversy meant to distract the country from more important issues. As our sister paper, Village Voice, reveals today, the video sting effort was funded by one of Facebook's original funders, Peter Thiel:

That video was produced with the help of a grant -- said to be about $30,000 -- from Peter Thiel, one of the founders of PayPal and an early investor in Facebook -- an investment which made him a billionaire. Thiel is one of Silicon Valley's more interesting figures: a gay man (according to Gawker's "Valleywag") who has railed against the evils of "multiculturalism." He lives in San Francisco and today runs a hedge fund.

As far as we're concerned, the whole mess could be cleaned up by having the ACORN workers Netflix "I'm Gonna Get U Sucka."