Michele Bachmann's former staff says her campaign team is "rude, dishonest and cruel"

Michele Bachmann's New Hampshire campaign staffers all quit, despite Bachmann's curious attempt to deny this fact.

Now, those same staffers -- the "Concord Five," perhaps? -- have released a bridge-torching letter confirming their mutiny, and explaining the exodus. Apparently, the reason they all just up and quit on Friday was... not in any way related to Michele Bachmann?

In a pretty detailed takedown of the Bachmann for President campaign, the staffers make a number of surprising accusations, including that they'd been asked to work for free after the campaign ran out of cash.

But what's most revealing, and most damning, is the remarkably harsh language they're throwing at the national leaders of Bachmann's campaign. The ship is sinking, and it looks like the cannons are all pointed inward.

The five staffers who quit and then authored today's letter are Nicole Yurek, Mattheu LeDuc, Caroline Gigler, and Tom Lukacz, and the state campaign manager Jeffery Chidester. That's it, folks. That's the list.

Minnesota Public Radio has uploaded the entire letter, but the best parts must be drank immediately like some sort of bitter shot of liquor.

Michele Bachmann gracefully waves at her departing staff.
Michele Bachmann gracefully waves at her departing staff.

As the staffers explain, they have nothing but good feelings for Michele Bachmann, whom  they describe as a "dedicated patriot." Even when Bachmann for President told the campaign, back in September, that they'd need to work without pay for a while, the team remained "committed to the candidate and her principals."

The real problem, it seems, was the utterly uncaring attitude the big-wigs at Bachmann for President took with the state of New Hampshire in general, and these five believers in particular. As they write:

"The manner in which some in the national team conducted themselves towards Team-NH was rude,unprofessional, dishonest, and at times cruel. But more concerning was how abrasive, discourteous, and dismissive some within the national team were towards many New Hampshire citizens. These are our neighbors and our friends, and some within the national team treated them more as a nuisance than as potential supporters."

Geez. Wait until Michele Bachmann hears about all this!

On Friday, Bachmann was in rare form for denial, telling Radio Iowa that her staff had in fact not quit, and that she'd just gotten off the phone with her peeps in New Hampshire. Bachmann went on to say it's "irresponsible" for media to just run with stories that... later turn out to be true, and are verified by all the parties involved and come with a pretty insulting open letter of resignation.

In separate interviews later this week, Bachmann will also deny that her campaign is broke, that her poll numbers are nearing negative integers, and that the people of Pompeii have a so-called "volcano problem."


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