Michele Bachmann's fake 'Jim the Election Guy' is Beau Peregino

Fake "Jim" Beau Peregino
Fake "Jim" Beau Peregino

Michele Bachmann's "Jim the Election Guy," featured in TV ads accusing Tarryl Clark of wanting to tax Minnesotans to death, isn't really named Jim, and he isn't from the 6th congressional district. He isn't even from Minnesota.

His name is Beau Peregino. He starred in that ad Bachmann had to rejigger after she tried to make it look like the State Fair supported her re-election. MinnPost traced "Jim" to California, where he works after studying acting at Towson University in Maryland.

A real "Jim" for Clark
A real "Jim" for Clark

You can't blame Beau for taking the gig. He needs the work. A quick IMBD search shows he's landed just a handful of roles in already-forgotten TV dramas. Nothing like hitching your wagon to a media phenomenon like Bachmann if you want a little attention, right?

Team Bachmann doesn't want to talk about fake Jim. But Clark does. In fact, she was already running a TV ad featuring a bunch of real Jims, lampooning the fakester -- and Bachmann. Now Clark has some added ammunition.

Here's the Battle of the TV Jims. Bachmann's Jim:

Clark's Jims:

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