Michele Bachmann's crazy Census talk may not cost MN a House seat


Despite Michele Bachmann's paranoid ravings about ACORN workers sullying the 2010 Census, and her suggestion that we duck the count, Minnesotans turned out in enough numbers to ensure that we will likely hold on to all our congressional seats.

But barely, according Election Data Resources, and we're not out of the woods yet.


Last year, it looked at six different data models and concluded Minnesota would lose a seat after the 2010 count. Now, it appears we scraped by with "15,643 people to spare." But the numbers and House apportionment won't be final until December.

At one point last year, and to the utter amazement of some Republicans in the House, Bachmann said she wouldn't even fill out the Census forms, and recommended that others follow suit. That kind of crazy talk even brought jeers from Glenn Beck. And eventually Bachmann moderated her position and said she just wouldn't fill out all the Census questions.

Minnesota's population count is affected by more than Bachmann's conspiracy theories, of course; we also had among the best response rates in the country.

But the irony is that if enough Minnesotans heeded her boycott talk, she may have contributed to her own demise. Many Democrats who control, and may keep control, in the Legislature would love to chop her district up and apportion it elsewhere, making her go away.