Michele Bachmann's Census claptrap ignored in Minnesota

Michele Bachmann's Census claptrap ignored in Minnesota

It looks like Minnesotans are keeping their cool in the face of all that claptrap about evil Acorn plots and prisoner camps sullying the 2010 U.S. Census. Heck, even Glenn Beck thought she was nutty.

Our fair state, along with South Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin and Indiana, ranks in the Top 5 so far in terms of national participation. (Last week we we didn't make the Top 5.)

And there's this: The counties in Michele Bachmann's 6th congressional district are above average when it comes to mailing in their returns.

Of course that may have something to do with the fact if Minnesota gets undercounted, CD6 may be wiped out as a congressional district, and Bachmann along with it -- a point lampooned mercilessly by Stephen Colbert. The CD6 counties' return rate, as of this morning:

  • Sherburne 69 percent
  • Anoka 68 percent
  • Washington 69 percent
  • Benton 71 percent
  • Stearns 71 percent
  • Wright 68 percent

How worried are Republicans about being under counted? Enough that Karl Rove took part in a PSA urging Americans to take part:

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