Michele Bachmann's campaign is broke

Michele Bachmann has an iPhone, needs money.
Michele Bachmann has an iPhone, needs money.

Michele Bachmann has a new e-mail blast out, and a new campaign "ad" on Youtube, both of which make it pretty clear that her campaign is totally, absolutely, utterly out of money. Over the last few weeks, Bachmann's fundraising e-mails have grown more desperate, and her videos are about the cheapest-looking presidential ads since the "I Like Ike" pins hit the market.

This looks like the beginning of the end. Bachmann has always relied on tens of thousands of small donations from supporters, and had to shovel a lot of money out the door to bring in that cash. Not only that, her campaign's one success -- her surprise win in the Ames Straw Poll -- was more or less bought by the Bachmann for President campaign.

With the all-important Iowa Caucus creeping right up around the corner, it's now or never for Bachmann. And it looks like never.

A couple of days ago, Bachmann's camp posted a new "video" to the campaign's Youtube stream that is an insult to modern technology. In essence, campaign manager Keith Nahigian narrates something like a Power Point presentation that goes on for four minutes, and would probably be graded "Incomplete" in an entry level marketing class.

Now, today, Bachmann has a new video that reports are saying attacks Rick Perry's position on immigration. But it's hard to confirm, because the shabby condition of the tape itself is so distracting that one can't really focus on the content.

If Bachmann's last video seemed shot in a dentist's waiting room, this time it looks like the entire preparation involved setting up a tripod in Room 229 of the Holiday Inn Express. ("Oh, move that vase so that it's just over her shoulder, that'll class this up a bit.)

As recently as a month ago, Bachmann had enough dough to throw down for a very professional television spot, replete with jump cuts, slow pans, fade-ins, light piano accompaniment and a trustworthy-sounding narrator.

Now, Bachmann is just parking herself in front of plants, staring right into the camera, and talking. Either she's about to announce her candidacy for Stillwater City Council, or Bachmann for President has about $50 left in its bank account.

Earlier this week, an inside source told Politico that Bachmann's campaign fundraising situation is "dire," and others with knowledge of the campaign's finances say Bachmann for President will probably be in debt on its next FEC filings.

Back when she had money, Bachmann's campaign ads were a lot slicker.
Back when she had money, Bachmann's campaign ads were a lot slicker.

Meanwhile, the New York Post -- which, like a broken calendar, is right twice a year -- says Bachamnn's campaign might be headed for an early end. The Post's sources lay part of the blame on Bachmann's refusal to make fundraising phone calls, with one saying, "She does not like to ask for money."

But asking she is. In an e-mail that went out today, Bachmann reminds her supporters that midnight tonight is the fundraising deadline for the third quarter.

"The Washington 'elite' are chomping at the bit to see the numbers our campaign reports, and I need your support today more than ever," says the e-mail, which is, oddly, signed-off, "Sent from my iPhone." (Sell the iPhone, Michele, that's got to be worth hundreds!)

Well, this is it, people. You can't get into the circus for free. If you want Michele Bachmann's campaign  to keep staggering off further afield from mainstream American political sanity, you've got to drop a little change in the empty coffee mug she's holding out.

Come on, America. You owe it to Michele. You owe it to yourself.

We're never going to get another candidate quite like this one. Let's at least see where this goes.


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