Michele Bachmann's a movie star [VIDEO]

Michele Bachmann has "Fire from the Heartland."
Michele Bachmann has "Fire from the Heartland."

Citizens United, the folks who tried to take down Hillary Clinton in the last election with campaign propaganda sold as a documentary, are back. And this time they're spreading their love on Michele Bachmann.

She's in "Fire from the Heartland," because she's a role model for smart, conservative women everywhere, the film says. But is it doing her any favors?

As the trailer opens, dramatic music builds behind Bachmann as she harangues Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner in a Capitol Hill committee hearing, horrified with the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act.

"What provision in the Constitution could you point to, to give authority for the actions that have been taken by the Treasury since March of '08?" she intones darkly.

Bad call.

This is apparently the hearing in which Geithner and Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke remind Bachmann that everything Treasury, the Fed and the FDIC do is a direct result of Congressional legislation - and that the Constitution, of course, grants Congress that authority.

Why include a clip from a moment in which it's Bachmann who doesn't seem to remember a basic point of constitutional law?

That's easy. The film cuts away from Geithner before he speaks.

This is "Fire from the Heartland." It's clearly not Civics 101.

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