Michele Bachmann's $10 million isn't so Minnesotan

Michele Bachmann has the fattest bank account of anyone running for Congress this year, yet her district has a modest per-caita income and has been one of the hardest hit by the foreclosure crisis.

So where has she been raising her nearly $10 million haul?

A big chunk is coming from someplace else.

The Pioneer Press broke down her FEC reports and found that:

Of the $4 million Bachmann has raised in large contributions to date, $2.7 million comes from outside Minnesota.

That includes $481,000 from California, $350,000 from Texas and $277,000 from Florida.

A quick check of the latest FEC figures shows that Bachmann has raised $9,752,935 in the campaign so far -- more than every other House campaign in the state combined. She's spent $6,158,116 and has $3,578,916 in cash on hand.

The national money story makes sense, because Bachmann spends inordinate amounts of time jetting around the country raising her profile, and at this point she probably has an endowed chair on Sean Hannity's set.

It also helps to explain why the St. Cloud Times, the largest daily newspaper in her district, endorsed DFLer Tarryl Clark, not Bachmann:

Look districtwide and we challenge you to find something -- anything -- that Bachmann has helped achieve or a cause she has helped advance. Much like her legislative ideas, we see nothing of substance.

Clark, has raised $3,896,208, spent $3,028,065 and has $868,142 in cash on hand. Of that, just $350,000 in donations have come from out of state.

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