Michele Bachmann won't say whether she thinks abortion is okay in cases of rape [AUDIO]

We know she's against abortions even in the case of rape, so why not come out and say it?
We know she's against abortions even in the case of rape, so why not come out and say it?

Days after being laughed at for saying 'I do not do political speech,' Michele Bachmann offered up some very political speech. And you wonder why people found her remark to be worthy of some knee slaps?

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During a debate with Jim Graves broadcast yesterday on MPR, Bachmann refused to take an unequivocal position on whether she's okay with abortions in cases of rape, even after MPR's Kerri Miller repeatedly prodded her to share what she really believes and despite the fact she's repeatedly gone on record as saying she opposes abortions in all cases.

Via Think Progress, here's a transcript of Bachmann's abortion remarks, followed by the raw audio:

BACHMANN: And it isn't just these very rare cases that we deal with, it's the big overall issue of abortion and the legality of abortion. And 52 million [aborted] lives [since Roe v. Wade] is a lot. And again, my position is in line with the Catholic Church, that's been my position for 40 years, it hasn't changed.

MILLER: Representative, just at the end there though, there, you heard what Richard Mourdock said and you know that has been controversial: 'God intended this to happen' if a fetus results as a consequence of that rape. And I want to know if you agree with that.

BACHMANN: Well what I agree with is that I'm 100 percent pro-life and I agree with the Catholic Church on that issue.[...]

MILLER: Just to be clear here though, we are talking about an amendment to the U.S. Constitution here. Declaring personhood, right? From the moment of conception.

BACHMANN: If -- what -- From the moment of conception declaring the personhood of an individual would again be in line with saying that I am 100 percent pro-life and I believe in the protection of human life from conception to natural death.

Audio from MPR.

Graves, for his part, said he "doesn't want the government to be involved" in a woman's decision whether or not to have an abortion.

In polling conducted last month, 46 percent of 6th District voters said they agree with Bachmann on social issues, compared to 39 percent for Graves. Fifteen percent said they weren't sure who they agree with.

From Think Progress:

Bachmann likely refused to clarify her position because she feared a backlash similar to what Senate candidates Richard Mourdock and Todd Akin faced after they stated their opposition to providing access to legal abortion for women who conceived through rape. But Bachmann's record is clear as day: She refers to abortion as a 'holocaust,' [including in the audio clip embedded above] has participated in events with Personhood USA, a group that opposes abortion in cases of rape, and she has she would unconstitutionally roll back the Supreme Court's decision in Roe v. Wade.

With that context in mind, it certainly seems as though Michele's abortion remarks during the MPR debate constitute an instance of the 'political speech' she says she never does, doesn't it?

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