Michele Bachmann will guard our intelligence

Michele Bachmann is named to the House Intelligence Committee.

Michele Bachmann is named to the House Intelligence Committee.

She missed out on a House leadership post.

She got frozen out of a slot on the Ways and Means Committee.

She even lost "Lie of the Year."

What's left for Michele Bachmann? Intelligence.


Incoming House Speaker John Boehner has named Bachmann to serve on the House Intelligence Committee.

As a mother of five biological children and twenty-three foster children I pledge to do whatever I need to do to keep your family, my family, and the United States safe from harm.

The committee has oversight jurisdiction of the CIA, the National Security Agency, other intelligence agencies within the Department of Defense, and the Departments of State, Justice, and Treasury, and the FBI.

This is the perfect reward for a member of Congress who thinks that Barack Obama spent $200 million a day on a trip to India, wants the president and Congress investigated for being anti-American, and who thinks the Charge of the Light Brigade was a military victory?

Given that she's already enlisted Justice Antonin Scalia to teach frosh teabaggers about the Constitution, perhaps we can expect her to nominate George W. Bush to instruct them on foreign intelligence.