Michele Bachmann: Was Justine Damond killed because of 'Shariah mindset'?

Michele Bachmann decided Justine Damond's death was a good occasion for some bigoted guesswork.

Michele Bachmann decided Justine Damond's death was a good occasion for some bigoted guesswork. Glen Stubbe, Star Tribune/Stephen Govel, Associated Press

The latest version of events leading up to the Justine Damond police shooting is that she'd "slapped" the squad car, startling the cops inside.

Especially Minneapolis Police Department rookie Mohamed Noor, who took it upon himself to draw his weapon and fire it at the unarmed 40-year-old woman, leaving her fatally wounded. 

But this explanation, made public last week via a police search warrant, is still missing one crucial element: the wildly uninformed yet sincerely bigoted guesswork of Michele Bachmann, former Minnesota Congresswoman and current self-appointed expert on Muslim culture. 

In an interview with the right-wing news website World Net Daily, Bachmann says a series of things that will come as a surprise to people who live in the places she's describing. 

Minnesota is no longer a "well-ordered society and a high-functioning population" like it was in the 1960s, says Bachmann. The collapse of society might be hard to see if you only pay attention to the state's low unemployment rate, budget surplus, physical healthiness, and lack of crime relative to the rest of the country. 

But Michele's got plenty of reasons to be afraid. Like, 75,000 of them. That's the estimate of how many Somalis live in Minnesota.

Here's how Bachmann describes the effect they're having:

"This is a failed multicultural experiment that is killing people and destroying the future of the West."

Wow! Those are ... strong words. Wrong words, too. But that's never stopped Bachmann before. Watch this!

"Somali women in Minnesota are almost always covered in clothing head to toe," says Bachmann, speaking like someone whose knowledge of this state comes from a Fox & Friends segment she watched on her phone while cowering behind the couch. 

Just wait, Bachmann's about to bring it all back around. She references a photo of Mohamed Noor, the rookie cop who killed Justine Damond, posed next to three women (family members of his, Bachmann claims) who are wearing "traditional Somali clothing."

Oh, God. Here it comes.

“Was Noor acting like the Muslim religious police, maintaining strict adherence to keeping women’s bodies covered when he shot Justine?" Bachmann wonders aloud. "Was he acting from a cultural instinct?"

This makes perfect sense! Noor must've been so upset when he saw a woman without "traditional Somali clothing," he shot and killed her on the spot. The only mystery is why Noor didn't kill the hundreds of thousands of other woman walking around Minneapolis wearing whatever the hell they want. Maybe he just hadn't gotten around to it yet. 

Bachmann thinks it's "prudent" to wonder if a "Somali/Shariah mindset" inspired Noor to fire his gun that night. And just in case Michele Bachmann does ever decide to run for office again, we think it's "prudent" to remember she couldn't wait to take a woman's senseless death and run to right-wing national media to say how awful it is to live in Minnesota.