Michele Bachmann wants you to give $50 to Allen Quist

Have a loose $50 bill lying around? If so, Michele Bachmann wants you to give it to Allen Quist's legislative campaign.

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While the idea of burning it or using it as toilet paper might sound more appealing to some, if you're a "good conservative," Bachmann urges you to part ways with the paper in hopes of ending "the tax-more and spend-more policies of the left," as she writes in an email distributed today.

From MPR:

Bachmann's fundraising e-mail, dubbed, "This e-mail is about Minnesota," called Quist her "dear friend." She encouraged people to give up to $50 to his campaign.
"I know in Minnesota-- the land of Mark Dayton and Al Franken-- Allen Quist will be a necessary check on the balance of power in St. Paul. With Democrats controlling the House, the Senate and the Governor's office in Minnesota, good conservatives like you, me and Allen will need to stand together to end the tax-more and spend-more policies of the left."

As we told you about last Friday, Quist is

the official MNGOP nominee

for the open seat in House District 19A.

Bachmann's fundraising email isn't a surprise -- last April, she endorsed Quist during his epic primary battle against Mike Parry. Quist ultimately vanquished Parry and went on to challenge Democratic Congressman Tim Walz last November, but was easily defeated following a gaffe-filled campaign.

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