Michele Bachmann wants to convert "as many" Jews "as we can" to Christianity

Bachmann, for one, is way pumped for the Second Coming, saying, "'Maranatha,' come Lord Jesus."

Bachmann, for one, is way pumped for the Second Coming, saying, "'Maranatha,' come Lord Jesus."

Looking chipper and freshly exfoliated, Michele Bachmann kicked off her one-week trip to Israel with Tony Perkins' Family Research Council, the conservative Christian group that asserts "pedophilia... is a homosexual problem," by posting a bags-packed snapshot of herself and her mother, Jean, on Instagram. The pair would be joining 120 others on a tour of the Holy Land. 

"Please pray safety for our group and for the nation of Israel," the former Minnesota GOP congresswoman wrote.

Over the course of the trip, the 2012 presidential wannabe visited an archeological site in the West Bank and shared stories of her adventures online, including one about a Palestinian woman who stabbed an Israeli security guard at a checkpoint.

But Bachmann saved the vacay's biggest highlight for the waning days.

The 59-year-old, who left Congress in early 2015, sat down with Family Research Council's Perkins for an interview last week.

What are you taking away from this trip? he asked Bachmann. 

"This week really was about biblical prophecy in many ways. And we’re seeing as events are speeding up, events are speeding up so quickly right now, and we see how relevant the Bible is, and we’re reading our newspaper, at the same time we’re learning about these biblical events, and it’s literally day by day by day, we’re seeing the fulfillment of scripture right in front of our eyes, even while we’re on the ground," she said. "... We recognize the shortness of the hour."

Besides using the never-ending Middle East violence to buttress her belief the second coming of Christ is imminent, Bachmann said the visit had inspired her and many others of the group to share "our faith more than ever before."

Bachmann says her "assignment" is to convert non-believers, pledging to "do what it is that the Holy Spirit is speaking to each one of us, to be faithful in the Kingdom and to help bring in as many as we can — even among the Jews — share Jesus Christ with everyone that we possibly can because, again, he’s coming soon."

Saving Jews from themselves is a weird about-face for Bachmann, who also called Israel “a miracle of the hand of God.” She positioned herself as Israel's congressional BFF while on the Hill. Whether it was the Israeli government's problems with Iran or Gaza terrorists, Bachmann was its consistent defender. 

In its own innocently hateful way, it's sort of sweet that Bachmann is trying to help people get into heaven. The thing is, we Minnesotans have come to think of "heaven" as a national news cycle that doesn't include some embarrassing thing said by Michele Bachmann.