Michele Bachmann wants to be stranded on a desert island with Keith Olbermann

Michele Bachmann wants to get all Swiss Family Robinson with Keith Olbermann.

Michele Bachmann wants to get all Swiss Family Robinson with Keith Olbermann.

Keith Olbermann has named Michele Bachmann the "Worst Person In The World" over and over, but given the choice she says she'd rather take him with her to a desert island any day than Rachel Maddow or Chris "Tingly Feeling" Matthews.

"I think it would be so interesting to have a discussion with him," she told Right Network's pleasantly goofy David Brody. "And I think he would be willing to have a discussion. I do."

People, this is not a fair fight.


The lefty MSNBC yakker says he has renounced his bitter, scornful ways. Back in the day, he might have trashed her for her precociousness. Now what's he going to do, smile and wave?

Update: He spat up on camera.

Chit chat between Olbermann and Bachmann is an intriguing thought, though. What would they talk about? She likes celery straight up, no peanut butter. That's a start.

Maybe it would be the time he mocked her for claiming at Living Word Christian Center that God was on her side when it came to running for Congress.

Or there's the episode in which he labeled her "the most un-American member in the House of Representatives" after she blamed poor people for America's financial collapse.

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He dinged her for blaming Chris Matthews after she accused President Barack Obama of being anti-American.

And recently she made the "Worst" list for telling a right wing website that her Top 8 dinner guests would include: Jesus, George Washington, Adam, the Apostle Paul, Johann Sebastian Bach, Ann Coulter, Ronald Reagan and Mark Levin. (She assumed they all spoke English for the night.)

Jesus, indeed. These two would have a lot to talk about.