Michele Bachmann wants to be president [UPDATES]

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, the pride of Waterloo, wants to be president.

ABC News is out with a story today saying that she's soon going to huddle with GOP powerbrokers in the state of her birth about a potential White House run.

Not that she or her staff are admitting she covets Barack Obama's job.

Her spokesman, Andy Parrish, told ABC only that, "The congresswoman is excited about her first trip to Iowa this year."

But ABC is running with their "exclusive" anyway, citing the proverbial unnamed source with insider knowledge.

Maybe a presidential run is the next logical step for a two-and-a-bit term congresswoman who couldn't score a House leadership post. She says she "put that gavel in John Boehner's hands," and all she got was a committee assignment with an ironic title and the prospect of deathly boring hearings devoid of television coverage.

Or maybe it's just a publicity stunt. Bachmann's demonstrated that she knows how to ride the crazy train for headlines, and then rake in the campaign contributions that follow. As a result she's sitting on a mountain of cash left over from the 2010 election cycle that could start boosting her national visibility.

Update 1: Bachmann's D.C. office confirms to MinnPost she's interested in running.

"She's been looked to by the Tea Party movement as someone who's a leader," Sachtleben said. "The Tea Party movement sees her in a signification role of speaking up."

Update 2: The Washington Post tries to envision Bachmann in the Palin cosmology:

It's hard to see where Bachmann sees herself fitting into the GOP presidential field -- particularly if Sarah Palin runs. Bachmann and Palin inhabit largely the same political space -- female, unapologetic conservative, tea party favorite -- but Palin carries with her a much higher profile and would be hard to usurp for those voters.

It doesn't consider Sean Hannity's fantasy ticket: Palin-Bachmann in 2012.

Update 3: Jon Stewart looks into the future and sees a bottomless pit of source material for The Daily Show.

Along with Iowa Republican hobnobbing, she's slated to speak to an anti-tax group there as well. Here's the invite:

An invitation to the party.
An invitation to the party.

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