Michele Bachmann wants No. 4 GOP post

Everything's comin' up Bachmann.

Everything's comin' up Bachmann.

A newly reelected Michele Bachmann has just announced, via Facebook, that she is running for Chairman of the House Republican Conference, the No. 4 spot in the GOP power structure.

It's just the latest development in the "Grizzly Mama ascension" narrative. Unlike.


Fox News was buzzing about the possibility yesterday after the current chair, Indiana Rep. Mike Pence, signaled he would resign the seat. He's expected to join the increasingly crowded ranks of the 2012 presidential hopefuls. Pence made his official resignation announcement today, opening his seat for the power hungry Repubs to fight over.

As chairwoman, Bachmann would become the mouthpiece of the House Republican Conference, a highly visible position that would afford her lots more shouty, sound bite-y airtime to better acquaint the rest of America with the Bachmann brand.

Although there are at least four other candidates interested, Bachmann's animal magnetism and proven ability to bring in the big bucks will doubtless help her a great deal.

The official membership vote happens in mid-November. If elected, Bachmann will assume the position in January.