Michele Bachmann wants House to hold hearings about impeaching President Obama

For President Clinton, impeachment was about a sex scandal. For Obama, it could be about trying to reform America's health care system.
For President Clinton, impeachment was about a sex scandal. For Obama, it could be about trying to reform America's health care system.

Welp, we suppose this shouldn't come as a surprise, but during the same tea party conference call where Michele Bachmann said she's never twerked, she also said she wants the House to hold impeachment hearings about President Obama.

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"We can have an impeachment hearing in the House, and in my mind the President has committed impeachable offenses," Bachmann said, to which the host of the tea party call responded, "I agree."

Bachmann didn't specify which of Obama's "offenses" she thinks warrant impeachment -- though one can't help but think they have something to do with her belief Barack is secretly trying to institute Sharia law here in the United States -- but she acknowledged that even if the House impeached Obama, the Democrat-controlled Senate wouldn't allow the him to be removed from office.

So what's plan B for folks like her who just absolutely cannot stand the idea of letting Obama finish out his term with the benefit of a functioning Congress? Why, Egypt-style rioting, of course!

On that note, more from Bachmann's conference call:

I think that what we saw in Egypt this summer, the people there didn't have impeachment, they rose up, they threw out the Muslim Brotherhood from power 'cause they couldn't stand the tyrannical oppression.

I think here, we could be on the cusp of seeing some civil disobedience. I'm not saying I want civil disobedience, but people aren't going to take the thuggery of this President much longer. And that's part of what we're trying to do as the peoples' voice in the House of Representatives. Give voice to the fact that we see thuggery going on in the White House. We're not going to take it.

Here's the audio (via Right Wing Watch):

Bachmann and other House Republicans who refuse to move past Obamacare might be representing the majority of their constituents in their conservative districts, but as we've had occasion to tell you before, they aren't in step with most Americans. Since the federal government shutdown began October 1, polling has consistently shown both that a majority of Americans want it to end and that more Americans blame Republicans in Congress for the gridlock than President Obama.

So the 2014 election might end up being a day of reckoning for House Republicans. Then again, since she isn't running for reelection, Bachmann doesn't have to worry about it. And we'd have to imagine her lame-duck status is a major reason she seems more unhinged than ever these days.

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