Michele Bachmann vs. Michelle Obama in breastfeeding war

Michele Bachmann trashes Michelle Obama over breastfeeding.
Michele Bachmann trashes Michelle Obama over breastfeeding.

When the teabaggers made Michele Bachmann their queen, were they hoping she'd start a war with First Lady Michelle Obama over breastfeeding?

Because that's what she's doing.

Mrs. Obama has promoted the idea of more flexible workplace rules for nursing moms, and an IRS ruling that makes breast pumps and nursing supplies tax deductible.

For this, Bachmann accused the First Lady of an evil plot to put us all at the mercy of the nanny state.

Here's Michelle Obama, talking to the Congressional Black Caucus Conference last fall:

"Because it's important to prevent obesity early, we're also working to promote breastfeeding, especially in the black community--where 40 percent of our babies never get breastfed at all, even in the first weeks of life, and we know that babies that are breastfed are less likely to be obese as children."

Breastfeeding is better for babies than bottled formula, and it helps prevent childhood obesity, so it's a sensible issue for the First Lady to promote.

But Bachmann doesn't think it's that innocent. On Laura Ingraham's conservative radio show, Bachmann bragged about her ability to breast feed her brood of five children with no help from Big Government.

"I've given birth to five babies and I breastfed every single one," Bachmann said. "To think that government has to go out and buy my breast pump.... That's the new definition of a nanny state."

Bachmann went on to say that the First Lady's agenda to encourage breast feeding is "very consistent with where the hard left is coming from."

"For them, government is the answer to every problem," Bachmann said. "And so government got us in this problem, and so they think government is going to get us out of the problem. Clearly they're wrong."

Clearly Michele Bachmann knows no shame.

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