Michele Bachmann unsure if being gay is a public health crisis

This isn't the first time Michele Bachmann has been stumped by a really easy question. It's just a crazier time.

The question came during an appearance before The Family Leader, an anti-gay marriage, anti-abortion group in Iowa.

"Some groups -- including this one, I believe -- have argued that homosexuality is a public health crisis akin to second-hand smoking," she was asked. "I was wondering if you agreed with that."

Drum roll, please.

It's no secret that gays make Bachmann unnnn-comfortable. Pro-gay rights demonstrations send her running for the bushes. She spoke against a law to add "sexual orientation" language to existing hate-crime laws. And she's just generally crazily excited about "traditional marriage."

But still, that's speaking softly compared to a bold statement made by The Family Leader's head Bob Vander Plaats, who's been taped saying that homosexuality "is a public health risk."

"If we're teaching the kids, 'Don't smoke, because that's a risky health style,' the same can be true of the homosexual lifestyle," he went on.

So the questioner, communicating via a blog, put the same question to Bachmann during her appearance. Does she, too, feel that homosexuality is a public health crisis?

"Um," she begins. Oh man, this is going to be good.

"I don't have an answer on that. I don't have an answer," she fumbles. "Why don't I have another question?"

What?! Listen here:

Even the man basically assumed to be her future Iowa-state political director -- Rep. Kent Sorenson, a popular and god-fearing Iowan tea partier -- had the common sense to disavow such an insane statement.

"I think that's absurd," he said when asked the same question.

He's right. It is patently absurd.

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