Michele Bachmann tries, fails to say that Obama has "chutzpah" [VIDEO]

It took minutes for Bachmann's mouth to recover.

It took minutes for Bachmann's mouth to recover.

Michele Bachmann offended black people last week, and has been offending gays for years. In her effort to alienate every minority group in America, that still leaves the Jews.

Bachmann set about changing that last night, when she tried to describe Barack Obama as having "a lot of chutzpah." Admittedly, the "ch" sound in Yiddish, which sounds a bit like clearing one's throat, is not easy to master.

But Bachmann's version, which sounds like "choot-spa," makes it clear that she's only seen the word in print, and has never actually heard the word spoken. The bad news is, Bachmann cannot speak Yiddish. But the good news is, she can read English!


Bachmann's appearance on Greta Van Susteren's "On The Record" show was part of her continued fear of getting any questions about her husband's "pray the gay away" therapy. Van Susteren threw out financial questions, where Bachmann is also an extremist.

As Bachmann explained why she's on the lonely ice floe of letting the U.S. hit its debt ceiling and ruin its credit rating, she turned the conversation back to Obama.

"Here's the big issue. The president doesn't want to have to be confronted with priorities in spending, because he has a lot of choot-spa."

 Van Susteren gently corrected Bachmann on her thinking, saying that the president "genuinely wants to make sure people don't get hurt." But the bad pronunciation of "chutzpah" just hung there, like a huge matzo ball.