Michele Bachmann trails Obama by four points in poll

Which one of these people do you trust with the nuclear codes?

Which one of these people do you trust with the nuclear codes?

If Michele Bachmann and Barack Obama faced off today... she'd probably call Capitol Police and report a suspicious person.

But she'd also have a good chance of beating him in an election. A new national Gallup poll pitting Republican candidates head-to-head against Obama found Bachmann is only four points behind Obama.

Obama's 48-44 edge over Old Crazy Eyes probably says more about his approval rating than hers at this point, and other major Republican candidates -- Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, and Ron Paul -- are all doing as well or better than Bachmann. Romney is actually narrowly ahead of Obama, with 48 percent of respondents backing him, and only 46 choosing Obama.

But Bachmann's close showing proves that, despite her gaffes and hypocrisies, she's still considered a viable president by a large percentage of American humans who have land-line phones.


In Gallup's poll, taken August 18-19, newly announced boot-wearin', six-shooter-shootin' candidate Rick Perry is dead even with Obama at 47-47, while Ron Paul is losing 47-45 -- or, as his supporters will tell you, that's at least what Gallup wants you to think.

As if to offer relief to poll watchers, Gallup made clear that this poll is very early in the game, and previous head-to-head polls around this time in an election season have had funny results.

In 1999, when Vice President Al Gore was pitted against then-Governor George W. Bush, Bush was crushing Gore, 55-41. But, of course, once America actually got a better look at Bush, those numbers closed dramatically to the point that Gore won the 2000 election by popular vote.

Likewise, in 1995, a poll of Bob Dole against Bill Clinton found them in a virtual deadlock, but by election day Clinton steamrolled Dole, winning the electoral college tally by a 200-plus margin.

Bachmann's numbers against Obama do show a bit of weakness among Republican voters, with nine percent telling Gallup they'd actually walk across the aisle and vote for the black guy. Only Ron Paul, at 11 percent, would give away more Republican voters to Obama.