Michele Bachmann, to man with no teeth: The free market will save you [VIDEO]

Michele Bachmann's campaign, once a roaring fire that threatened to consume us all, has been reduced in the last few weeks to a small pile of burning embers. But that doesn't mean you won't still get burned if you stick your hand in there.

At a campaign event in New Hampshire yesterday, Bachmann fielded a thoughtful question from a man who asked about the future of Social Security and Medicare. The man asked about Bachmann's previous policy statements, which boil down to, "Let them die." (The programs, not the people! We think.)

"We have uncertainty right now," Bachmann told him, launching into a wide-ranging answer that mostly focused on how Barack Obama will personally walk into hospitals and old folks' homes and throw people out windows.

Turns out, this guy's got enough uncertainty already: He's losing his teeth. Bachmann's policy answer: Maybe he should go to... a church? Or, oh! Better idea: Sit on the street corner and beg for change.

In order to get to the revealing turn, you can slog through the first few minutes of this video.

During that time, Bachmann somehow talked herself into something about the "beautiful 85-year-old frail women," whom Bachmann admits she "loves... too much." Apparently, there are "too many" of them. Something like that. With Bachmann, context and coherence are slippery, you know?

Then the guy got to ask a follow-up question, where he raised the idea of a single-payer plan. Bachmann tried to interrupt, but he pushed on.

"I have no teeth right now," he said.

Then it was Bachmann's turn to explain how people with serious, chronic problems would get treated in Bachmann's America.

"We have charitable organizations and there's universities who are willing to take care of people who are indigent," she told him, lovingly. "If you're indigent, there are programs set up for the indigent. But don't destroy the finest health care system in the world to have socialized medicine."

Maybe she was going for the "I'm just like you" thing. After all, Bachmann's campaign, like the questioner, is toothless and broke.

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