Michele Bachmann thinks Eric Holder can control WikiLeaks

For all her ability to gin up fans via social media on the Internet, Michele Bachmann really does seem clueless when it comes to the inner workings of the information superhighway.

Take her call today for the resignation of Eric Holder as U.S. Attorney General. In it, she castigates Holder for failing to put a halt to WikiLeaks, which "jeopardized our nation's security and diplomacy by releasing hundreds of thousands of U.S. State Department documents."

But WikiLeaks is not an American entity.

It has no official headquarters. Australian Julian Assagne, it supposed leader, has no fixed abode. One of it sites is hosted by a security-obsessed company in Sweden, which has some of the toughest privacy laws in the world. In addition, WikiLeaks maintains mirror sites all over the globe, so it can't be taken down in one attack. And it uses military-grade encryption to guard its sources.

So what, exactly, does Michele Bachmann think the U.S. Attorney General can actually do about WikiLeaks? Invade Sweden? Shut dow the Internet? She doesn't say.

But given that she thinks Net Neutrality represents an evil socialist plot by the Obama administration,we're not surprised.

I mean, let's face it, what's the Obama administration doing? They're advocating net neutrality which is essentially censorship of the Internet. This is the Obama administration advocating censorship of the Internet. Why? They want to silence the voices that are opposing them.


She's advocating that Eric Holder exercise some kind of imaginary power over the Internet. But she thinks that kind of power, in the hands of the president -- if it actually existed -- would be a socialist plot.

That's change we can believe in.

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