Michele Bachmann the walking punchline returns

Anderson Cooper took Michele Bachmann seriously. Seriously.

Anderson Cooper took Michele Bachmann seriously. Seriously.

We'd like to extend a hand of thanks to the voters in the 6th Congressional District for sending Michele Bachmann back to Congress. Now we get to laugh along for another two years with a walking punchline.

Based on "facts," she wanted CNN's Anderson Cooper to take her seriously when she insisted that Barack Obama was taking 2,000 people with him to India at a cost of $200 million a day.


Wow. That's a stunning figure. In fact, it would mean that Obama's going to spend more per day on that trip to India than it costs to run the war in Afghanistan on a daily basis -- $190 million per day, if you're counting.

Of course, it's a crock.

Poor Anderson Cooper. He tried to remind his audience that Bachmann's was an outlandish claim on its face. He pointed out that no one ever knows the advance logistics of any presidential trip, ever. He took her seriously.

Note to Mr. Cooper: Let Sean Hannity take Michele Bachmann seriously. At least we know what we're getting from that mutual admiration society.

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