Michele Bachmann tells North Dakotan fans they need titanium spines, then gets weepy


Maybe it's because another member of her staff -- political director Jack Tomczak -- is jumping ship. Maybe it's because she keeps getting busted for playing fast and lose with the facts. Maybe it's because a new poll finds her to be an embarrassment to most Minnesotans. Whatever the reason, Michele Bachmann evidently got all choked up the other night in Bismark, N.D., according Minnesota Independent's Andy Birkey:

In a 60-minute appearance in Bismark on Friday, Rep. Michele Bachmann laughed and sang and wept as she told attendees they must take America back for the Republicans to protect future generations. In her speech at the NRA-, Republican- and Tea Party-sponsored Take Back Washington rally, Bachmann lashed out at Twin Cities media, including Mpls-St. Paul Magazine, and said that taxpayer funding was being funneled to "shills" to take her out of office.

The Independent has video of the hour-long speech here.