Michele Bachmann: Tell Joe Biden I'm not a "terrorist"

Not only is Michele not a terrorist, she's a charity case.

Not only is Michele not a terrorist, she's a charity case.

Michele Bachmann is not a terrorist, and she needs your money.

Bachmann sent out a fundraising e-mail yesterday attempting to raise money off of Joe Biden's reported comment that Tea Party Republicans "acted like terrorists" in the run-up to the deal that prevented the U.S. from hitting its debt ceiling.

Bachmann's e-mail to supporters said this was a "new low" for the Democrats.

"I have faced the liberal attack machine before but their words today took their egregiousness to a new level," she said. "I am offended by Vice President Biden's irresponsible words and need your immediate support to defend myself and fellow Tea Party members right away."


Biden's alleged statement came from a story in Politico, which means we can add that to Bachmann's illustrious reading list. Sources told Politico that in a meeting with House Democrats yesterday, Biden followed up a statement by Pennsylvania Rep. Mike Doyle, who likened dealing with Tea Partiers in Congress to having "negotiated with terrorists."

This is not the face of American terrorism.

This is not the face of American terrorism.

"They have acted like terrorists," Biden is alleged to have said.

Bachmann responded that Tea Partiers were merely "patriots who love our country," and shouldn't be compared with "terrorists whose sole aim is to destroy it."

Now, here comes the sales pitch.

President Obama and Vice President Biden's big-government agenda has undermined the foundations of our Constitution, our democracy, our economy and our freedoms. Obamacare stands alone as the most shocking power grab in the history of our nation! As constitutional conservatives, we know the stakes have never been higher, and I know that you won't let these irresponsible attacks silence your voice--they certainly won't silence mine!

The comments made from Joe Biden at this afternoon's meeting have hit a new low and I need to know you agree. Will you help me send a message to Joe Biden that we are disgusted by his attacks by signing my petition? After signing the petition, I ask that you please support our campaign to take back our country by making a contribution of $25, $50, $100, $250 or any amount up to the $2,500 limit.

It was only a couple months ago Bachmann said that the Democrats "should be afraid of the Tea Party."

This e-mail seems to signal the end of the grown-up portion of the Bachmann for President campaign. For weeks, at least, she'd run an issues-based campaign, complaining about the debt ceiling and taxes, not answering questions about her husband's clinic.

Now, Bachmann's right back into the Tea Party talking points: Obama doesn't care about the Constitution, and is taking your freedoms. Only Michele Bachmann, Tea Partier and non-terrorist, can save us all.