Michele Bachmann teases presidential run in spam text

News about the presidential race? Not really. Just begging for cash.

News about the presidential race? Not really. Just begging for cash.

Michele Bachmann wants your money and your attention, and if that means she has to tease you with the prospect of a presidential run, so be it. Here's the latest example.

First she sends a text and tweet to registered fans in her database: "Team Bachmann: Did you receive my email update today about the upcoming presidential campaign? If not, reply "EMAIL" followed by your email address to sign up."


You read a message like that a little too quickly, maybe while juggling a latte on the commute home, and you'd be forgiven for thinking, "My God, Bachmann's running! I'd better sign up!"

Bachmann sent out similar teases via Twitter and e-mail about "the presidential race" on Friday.

All of the spam eventually leads to her website and a survey that asks, "Are you satisfied with the current field of potential Republican presidential candidates?"

And the only way you can submit your answer is by giving up your name, e-mail address and ZIP code. So you surrender your private information in the hopes that, finally, you'll see Bachmann take the plunge.


But no! You get to another page on the website and -- surprise! -- Bachmann's just pumping you for YET MORE CASH, as well as some highly valuable personal data.

So you retrace your steps and realize that she never mentioned "her presidential race," just "the presidential race."

Bachmann's a pro. She knows that her fans and foes alike are hanging on her every word, waiting for the Big Announcement. So she plays the game, stringing everyone along to raise money with the Big Tease.

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