Michele Bachmann targeted by national Democrats


Tarryl Clark's campaign to unseat Michele Bachmann has made a strong enough showing out of the gate, breaking Minnesota fund-raising records, that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is ready to step in and put some national party muscle behind her effort. The Committee announced today that Clark has been added to their Red to Blue list, which highlights Democratic challengers the national party thinks have a good chance at defeating GOP incumbents.

As a Red to Blue candidate, Clark will get help from the national party with fund-raising, communications, strategy and grass-roots organizing. Last election cycle, 27 of the 63 Red to Blue candidates beat out Republican incumbents.

So far this year there are 26 candidates on the Red to Blue list, and it's unlikely to grow to 2008 levels. "We've been so successful in the past few cycles at turning Congressional seats from Republican to Democratic that there just aren't as many races to chose from this time around," said Gabby Adler, a spokesman for the DCCC.