Michele Bachmann strangely silent on Obama's birth certificate


For years now, Michele Bachmann has raised eyebrows and garnered headlines by repeatedly encouraging the thinly-veiled racism of the birther movement.

But today -- a big day in birther history -- she has nothing to say.

Bachmann set her creepily nativist tone way back in 2008, when she accused the democratically elected President of the United States of being "anti-American."

In 2009, she temporarily blocked a house resolution recognizing Hawaii as Obama's birthplace.

Last May, the City Pages Best Villain Emeritus was photographed hobnobbing with self-proclaimed "birther queen" Orly Taitz.

And it just kept going: In February, when Good Morning America asked her to acknowledge that the President is indeed an American, she refused to put out the birther flames she's fanned, saying instead: "That isn't for me to state. That's for the president to state."

After years of legitimization by the likes of Bachmann, the birther movement got a whole new round of attention in the last month after it was adopted by Extremely Serious Individual Donald Trump.

Bachmann piled on with another strange non-disavowal, refusing to credit the birth documentation Obama had already released, saying instead "I take him at his word."

Then she danced back and forth over the line a few more times on Good Morning America and Fox and Friends.

In response to this fresh ridiculosity -- and perhaps to deflect attention from what is likely to be a particularly grim statement on the U.S. economy this afternoon -- Obama caved to the birther lunatics this morning and released his full certification of live birth.

So what was Michele Bachmann's response? So far, a deafening silence. We called and emailed Bachmann's office for comment, but so far they haven't had anything to say. We'll keep you updated if she ever gets back to us.

In the meantime, here's Obama's full birth certificate:

Michele Bachmann strangely silent on Obama's birth certificate

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