Michele Bachmann still thinks U2 sank a troop ship

U2: These guys do not captain a German submarine
U2: These guys do not captain a German submarine
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Michele Bachmann still doesn't get it: Bono and the boys were not around during World War II and they can't be held responsible for the sinking of the troop ship Dorchester.

She repeated her confusion about Irish rockers and German submarines at a Sean Hannity love fest in Texas.

It all came about because Bachmann's been turning the Dorchester tragedy into political hay lately. She's appropriating a story about four chaplains aboard who gave up their life vests so that more GIs could live after the ship was torpedoed and sank.

But after thanking god for Sean Hannity and slagging some of Minnesota's best known political icons, including Hubert Humphrey, Eugene McCarthy and Walter Mondale, she mangled her Dorchester story, as she's done before.

"When they were about 150 miles West of Greenland, they got an alert that there were German U2 boats," in the area before they were attacked, she told the cheering crowd.

But the Dorchester was attacked by a "U-boat," not an Irish rock band.

Oblivious to her gaffe, Bachmann worked the audience to a froth, and then took off for a night on the town. The Dallas Morning News took note of our "toothy and well-tressed Republican congresswoman" as she shared a little red meat with actor Jon Voight at a local fancy restaurant.

Watch the Bachmann gaffe here: It comes in at about the 3-minute mark.

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