Michele Bachmann spends $4,700 on hair and makeup

"She's wonderful," says Bachmann's new stylist.

"She's wonderful," says Bachmann's new stylist.

Looking like Michele Bachmann doesn't come cheap.

Bachmann spent $4,700 on hair and makeup in the last two weeks of June, according to Mother Jones.

Using money from her political action committee, Bachmann made three payments to Tamara Robertson, a Clarksburg, Md.-based stylist who works for Fox News.

Robertson told City Pages Bachmann is a joy to work for.

"To me, personally, she's wonderful," Robertson says. "She's always been very pleasant and nice to me. She's not at all like a diva to me."

And, perhaps most important:

Bachmann spent $4,700 in two weeks to look like this.

Bachmann spent $4,700 in two weeks to look like this.

"Her hair's fabulous," Robertson says.


Mother Jones immediately linked the story to John Edwards's $400 haircuts, which helped spoil his image as a good ol' boy mill rat. We'll have to wait and see whether Bachmann's high-priced look ruins the way she projects herself as a regular mom who happens to be very concerned about her kids' gay classmates.

Robertson said she's actually styled Bachmann's hair on many occasions in the past: As one of the resident stylists at Fox News, she's done Bachmann's hair and makeup when she appears on the network's chat shows.

Bachmann used to get her hair styled locally, and for a lot less. Last year, Bachmann's campaign finance reports showed a single $225 payment to stylist Natalie Hale before the 2010 election.

In February, Hale told City Pages that amount was for three separate stylings, and said Bachmann had typically paid out of pocket for her own hair and makeup.

But no more! It's time to run for president, and Bachmann must look her very best. Bachmann's political action committee, MICHELEBACHMANN.COM, paid Roberts on June 15, June 22, and June 30, with the last one coming in at a whopping $2,704.

Michele Bachmann has high negatives at this point in the campaign. She's never passed any significant legislation, she and her husband have deep-seated issues with homosexuality, she's the only grown-up in America who thinks it's okay for the country to hit the debt ceiling, and she constantly says weird, embarrassing, or incorrect things.

But dammit, her hair is fabulous.