Michele Bachmann sounds alarm about "suicide-bomber conference" in Chicago

The Atlantic's headline says it all -- "Good News, Liberals: 'Crazy' Michele Bachmann Is Back."

Their evidence? Bachmann sounding the alarm during a speech last week about an upcoming "suicide-bomber conference" in Chicago. She called on President Obama to shut down the "subversive" gathering, warning listeners, "We could wake up some morning wondering, 'How in the world did America come under sharia law?'"

During her speech, Bachmann didn't mention that the conference -- organized by a sharia law-advocating, yet avowedly nonviolent Islamic group named Hizb ut-Tahrir America --  had actually been canceled a week earlier after the host venue was besieged by calls of protest from readers of the anti-Islamist blogger Pamela Geller. But Michele has never been one to let facts get in the way of a good, crazy yarn, has she?

In an effort to explain the reemergence of 'Crazy' Michele, the Atlantic's Molly Ball writes:

Sharia law: The stuff of Bachmann's nightmares.
Sharia law: The stuff of Bachmann's nightmares.

Bachmann has little to lose and little to fear these days. Her presidential hopes have been dashed, she has little hope of moving into the leadership of the House (a previous attempt was rebuffed), and she has virtually no prospects of higher office in her blue home state. Her seat in Congress, though, is safely Republican -- even more so since last year's redistricting. And so she is free to make her bid for national attention the best way she knows how: by calling attention to secret, if not quite factual, anti-American plots.

But let's face it, Molly: the crazy Michele has always been here among us, saying outrageous things, so it's not like her "suicide-bomber conference" comment last week represented some sort of return to a long-lost form. You and your colleagues at The Atlantic probably just weren't paying close enough attention to notice.

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