Michele Bachmann slammed for 'selling out the Tea Party'

Who knew our District 6 congresswoman wasn't crazy enough? But it looks like it's true. New Jersey GOP congressional candidate Alan Bateman has posted a scathing broadside about Michele Bachmann on his website, claiming that she "has sold out the Tea Party movement."

Her crime? Recording a campaign robo-call for incumbent Republican Rep. Chris Smith, who's being challenged today by Bateman in the New Jersey primary.


Here's the whole post:

Michelle Bachmann has sold out the Tea Party movement. She put out a robo call against Tea Party Supported Candidate Alan Bateman in support of Cap & Traitor, Chris Smith. She didn't mention that Smith voted for Cap & Trade, co-sponsored Card Check, took $607,898 in campaign contributions from Unions including SEIU, co-sponsored the Puerto Rico statehood bill and so on. All of these go against the Constitution and our principles.

Bachmann showed her true colors in that she is nothing more than a politician using the Tea Party movement for her own advancement. She has shown her lack of principles and integrity by supporting Chris Smith who has clearly been ignoring the Constitution as evidenced by his voting record.

Michelle Bachmann is a typical politician in putting politics over principle. This is what they do in Washington. The party circles the wagons around sitting members regardless of that Congressman's record.

This proves that nothing will change if you keep sending the same people back to Washington because all they care about is keeping their power and not serving you the people.

When I get to Washington, I will not play these games especially after what the Republicans have done to me and my family (they crossed the line).

Help me with our final push over the next few days and donate today.

And as MinnIndy reports, he's not alone in his disgust.

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