Michele Bachmann sides with Moammar Gadhafi

Michele Bachmann's favorite Libyan dictator.

Michele Bachmann's favorite Libyan dictator.

Crazy-as-a-loon dictator Moammar Gadhafi may be leading the mass slaughter of poorly armed Libyan rebels trying to kick his bloodthirsty butt into the nearest sand dune, but that's not our problem, Rep. Michele Bachmann says.

If she were president, we wouldn't be "going in" to Libya. America shouldn't be in the business of intervening in such a messy humanitarian crisis, the good Christian congresswoman told Matt Lauer on "Today."

It's not in our national interest to come to the aid of brutally oppressed folks getting slaughtered in some hapless backwater nation floating on oil, by troops under the command of a homicidal sociopath. If they can't get his boot off their necks on their own, too bad.


That's just what she told George W. Bush about Iraq, too. (Oh. Wait.)

Here's Bachmann:

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Here some Al Jazeera footage of the fighting: