Michele Bachmann shoots off her assault rifles

Michele Bachmann has been carting around embedded journalists this week on a carefully scripted bus tour designed to show her constituents that the Washington spotlight really hasn't gone to her head.

But when she stopped in at the Federal ammunition factory in Anoka to blow off a little steam with both a semi-automatic and automatic rifle, the well-known gun rights advocate disappeared from view.

Maybe her minders didn't want anyone to know whether she hit anything or not.

The media blackout was finally pierced by a couple of Federal employees. They told reporters that the congresswoman was firing at human-shaped targets.

That's right, her campaign spokesman said once the beans were spilled. And she was a pretty good shot.

Campaigning in the district is such a drag, though. That's why Bachmann's heading back to Washington as fast she can. She's got an important date with TV spotlights and Glenn Beck on Saturday.

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