Michele Bachmann schedules Iowa presidential announcement


Michele Bachmann will announce on Monday again that she's running for president -- just in case anyone missed the last time she said she was running for president, or the fawning national press reports that have followed.

This time will be different, though.

Reuters says she'll make the announcement in Iowa, where evidently no one's heard the news yet. Also, she's not really from Minnesota, she's from Waterloo, Iowa. Iowa just happens to be the location of the first caucuses in the 2012 presidential race. She's all about Iowa.

"I think that's anyone's great gold standard, to be a native Iowan," she recently told Iowa Public Television in a transparent effort to ingratiate herself to the locals who could make her break or presidential dreams.

Now all she has to do is get serious about a political organization, and spend more time glad handing. The Des Moines Register says she's yet to open an office, and she's 18 Iowa visits behind Pawlenty. And he just launched his first TV add targeted at Iowa.

She's probably not worried about Pawlenty at this point, though. He's eating her dust in the polls.