Michele Bachmann schedules date with Sheriff Joe Arpaio

These two deserve each other.
These two deserve each other.

This is a match made in some sort of violently perverted heaven: Michele Bachmann, Minnesota's own Matron of Mean, is advertising an upcoming appearance with Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the Arizona lawman who has earned national fame as a cruel and corrupt little fascist.

That's right! For the low, low price of $250, you can attend a VIP reception with both these proud Americans at the luxurious Scottsdale Plaza Resort outside Phoenix.

No doubt these two will have a lot to talk about. Bachmann has made her career putting a creepily smiley face on the nativist gay-baiting McCarthyist paranoia of the far right.

Arpaio's work as Maricopa County sheriff shows what these attitudes and policies look like when they're actually enacted. (Hint: They look like tent-city gulags without decent medical care where prisoners are frequently beaten or strangled to death.)

With Bachmann plainly gearing up for a run for the presidency, maybe she's feeling out Sheriff Joe as a potential running mate. It would make quite a ticket. At the very least, she might consider him to head up the FBI or the Department of Homeland Security or something.

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