Michele Bachmann says tea partiers are shiny, happy people

Michele Bachmann says tea partiers are shiny, happy people
Photo: Nick Vlcek

Sure, they're accused of littering their protests with racial filth when they protest. But teabaggers are really a bowl of laughs to be around, according to Bachmann.

Our most prominent congresswoman spoke to Fox News last night, and here's exactly what she said, according to Politico.

"If you go to one of the tea party rallies, they're actually the happiest people you would ever want to meet. It's almost like going to a state fair, to a family reunion." ...

"They're really forward-looking people. What they're concerned about is the next generation. They really want to leave the country better for the next generation. They're really a wonderful group of people."

Wonderful people who insist that the president anti-American, and prattle on about "gangster government." But they're happy when they're doing it. Michele said so.

Hey, that reminds us of an R.E.M. song...

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