Michele Bachmann says she oozes love for Garrison Keillor

It's hard to imagine a more odd coupling: Shoot-from-the-hip, say-anything-to-Sean-Hannity congresswoman Michele Bachmann, and oh-so-errudite-in-red-shoes, author-of-Homegrown-Democrat radio host Garrison Keillor.

Here's a woman, after all, who made Minnesotans blush when she couldn't keep her paws of former President George W. Bush on the floor of the House of Representatives. Meanwhile, Bush became a staple of Keillor's newspaper columns and Prairie Home Companion monologues, cast primarily in the role of a dolt.

But Bachmann tells Tim Budig of ECM that it's true, she adores the Bard of Anoka.

"He and I are on the opposite side of our political beliefs. But I adore him," she said.

"I think he's brilliant. I think he's a genius," said Bachmann.

"Our family listens (to A Prairie Home Companion), and we just laugh every Saturday," she said.

Bachmann sees the goodness of the people in the 6th District revealed in Keillor's works.

Go figure.

Once more, for your viewing pleasure, here's Bachmann's presidential moment:

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