Michele Bachmann says Sean Hannity will join her and Sarah Palin on campaign swing


Almost missed this one in Minnesota Independent's report on Michele Bachmann from North Dakota: She said Sean Hannity -- the Fox News yakker busted by Jon Stewart for broadcasting bogus video that vastly inflated the crowd size at her health care protest -- will be joining her and Sarah Palin a campaign rally in April.

Palin, by the way, is increasingly looking like a media darling but not presidential material; a new Washington Post poll finds that among Republicans, 37 percent now hold a 'strongly favorable' opinion of Palin -- half the level when she was Sen. John McCain's running mate in 2008. And more than 70 percent of all Americans say she is not qualified to be president. Heck, she can't even get some love from former Vice President Dick Cheney. Check out the video: