Michele Bachmann says Republicans are happy as can be about shutdown [VIDEO]

Bachmann says she and her GOP colleagues are happy as clams to bring government to a grinding halt.
Bachmann says she and her GOP colleagues are happy as clams to bring government to a grinding halt.

If you had any doubt about what Michele Bachmann meant when she said she was "very excited" about the prospect of a government shutdown and characterized that outcome as "exactly what [House Republicans] wanted," consider her appearance on Sean Hannity's Fox News show yesterday.

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Asked by Hannity how concerned she is that some of her Republican colleagues might "capitulate" to Harry Reid and Obama, Bachmann said she isn't worried because "this is about the happiest I've seen members in a long time."

"We see we are starting to win this dialogue on a national level," Bachmann added.

Here's the video:

Despite Bachmann's claims about Republicans "starting to win this dialogue," a CBS poll released earlier this week found that a large majority of Americans disapprove of the shutdown, and a plurality blame the GOP.

From CBS:

Fully 72 percent of Americans disapprove of shutting down the federal government over differences on the Affordable Care Act; just 25 percent approve of this action...

Republicans in Congress receive more of the blame for the shutdown: 44 percent of Americans blame them, while 35 percent put more blame on President Obama and the Democrats in Congress. These views are virtually the same as they were last week before the shutdown, when Americans were asked who they would blame if a shutdown occurred.

Bachmann, however, does appear to be genuinely enthused about the mess in D.C. After all, it gives her the opportunity to serve her constituents by heading down to the World War II memorial day after day to pose for photos with veterans who are upset about the very shutdown she played an instrumental role in creating.

h/t -- Talking Points Memo

:::: UPDATE ::::

A WCCO report contains this classic nugget about how Bachmann was received while making one of her regular trips to the World War II memorial:

In Washington, Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann was heckled when she greeted veterans who crossed shutdown barricades to visit a war memorial.

"We just want to make sure that they get open, so that the veterans can go in and see [the memorials]," the congresswoman told Eugene Morgan, a WWII veteran, who was circled by photographers.

"He's not an idiot," shouted Shemaya Klar, a Washington, D.C., resident. "The government shut down because of people like you, Michele Bachmann. You should be ashamed of yourself. Don't pander to a vet."

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